About Innovate Atlantic

Volta’s second annual Innovate Atlantic conference will dive into issues and topics surrounding innovation in Atlantic Canada through a series of panels, discussions and keynotes that will help set the agenda for innovation for the next 25 years.

Join us to hear from experienced industry experts and thought leaders from the region and beyond, who will discuss topics, such as how to best engage traditional sectors and encourage the integration of innovative mindsets and technologies; how to bridge the gap with youth and better position Atlantic Canada as a place for youth and newcomers to live, work and play; and, how inclusive innovation is a means to better our communities as a whole.

The goal of the conference is to have attendees walk away with the inspiration, tools, and information they need to drive innovation in their organizations and in the Atlantic region as a whole.

Engage Traditional Industries

Traditional industries in Atlantic Canada are the backbone of our region’s economy. The evolving business landscape means these industries are faced with new challenges and barriers to success. Engaging industries such as agriculture, agri-food, fisheries, aquaculture and tourism, in the context of innovation, will drive the creation of leading-edge technologies and generate new, breakthrough ideas, while generating long-term growth and high-quality jobs.

Bridge the Gap with Youth, Newcomers

With a shrinking population (due to youth out-migration, and aging), it has become increasingly important to bridge the gap with youth and better position Atlantic Canada as an attractive, competitive marketplace for skilled workers and immigrants to live. This will aid in regional youth retention efforts, and work to develop a strong, prosperous future for Atlantic Canada.

Encourage Inclusive Innovation

In an innovation-driven economy, we must ensure everyone can benefit from the opportunities created. Atlantic Canada is a great place to work, live and play. But, like all communities, there are persistent social, economic and environmental challenges that threaten our collective well-being. We must find ways to stimulate new and innovative ideas that have the power to uplift underrepresented communities so that they, too, can benefit from the economic growth. 



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