Ashley Kielbratowski

Ashley Kielbratowski

Co-Founder & Product, Harbr

Ashley is a Co-Founder of Harbr, an innovative project coordination software company built for retail construction. Harbr’s mission is to make it as simple as possible for retailers to build anywhere at scale while maintaining complete control of their brand and keeping everyone in sync throughout the construction process.

Ashley completed a Diploma in Interior Decoration & Design at Eastern College and began working for a real estate development company straight out of college. Working with tradespeople on site gave her insight into many aspects of the construction industry, including the challenges and opportunities involved in completing large-scale projects.

Ashley leads Product at Harbr and is also tasked with ensuring that the team at Harbr sets and achieves goals collectively. Ashley understands the value of working as a team and that cohesiveness and teamwork is what Harbr provides to its customers each and every day.

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