Dr. Sherry Scully

Dr. Sherry Scully

Director, Learning & Organizational Development, Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise

Dr. Sherry Scully is a research consultant who specializes in Organizational Development, including workforce development, change management, and learning and development. One of the contracts Dr. Scully has been engaged with for the past 4 years is with the Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise (IORE) where she leads initiatives under the mandate of the Marine People Partnership relating to workforce development. Sherry conducts primary research and works with numerous national and international stakeholders in government, academia, and the private sector, to pursue the core objective of this initiative; to attract, train, and retain highly qualified people in order to sustain the competitiveness and growth of the Canadian shipbuilding and marine industries.

Sherry has contributed significant research to the field of knowledge relating to talent management across ocean industries, including a province-wide Student Intentions and Perceptions Study, which included a rural/urban comparison of results.  She also conducted a similar study of youth perceptions of marine careers within Indigenous community schools in Nova Scotia, and a study of the Ocean Technology Sector in Nova Scotia. Through other consulting work, Dr. Scully has also produced primary research relating to developing Ocean Literacy and STEM literacy across all age cohorts as part of campaign for influencing ocean positive and STEM positive public perceptions and behaviours. This particular piece of work provides insights into barriers and pathways for shaping stakeholder perceptions and behavioural intentions.

Sherry holds an interdisciplinary PhD in social psychology and management from Dalhousie University, as well as an MBA and two degrees in Education, and early in her career, worked as a classroom teacher at the primary/junior and intermediate levels. She completed her doctoral research examining social cohesion resistance amongst knowledge workers during a merger or acquisition. Sherry strives to combine scholarly insight and research with practical advice based on real world experience.

A strong advocate for learning, Sherry volunteers with educational development efforts internationally.  Sherry also sits on three Boards and four Advisory Councils, in her spare time, and is the Chair of the Marine People Partnership Advisory Committee.

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