Gina Patterson

Gina Patterson

Director of the Atlantic Internship Program, Venture for Canada

Gina is based in Halifax, with roots in Victoria BC, Devon UK, and Kingston ON. Gina is the Director of Venture for Canada‘s Internship Program, a program investing in the development of the student talent pipeline for Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

One of her areas of expertise has been the development of workforce attachment programs to help young people secure meaningful employment. In partnership with colleges, universities, social innovation hubs, Indigenous communities, and the public sector, she has led teams to design programs from the ground up which focus on developing the talent pipeline for the Canadian economy.

She’s known for authentic management, cultivating high-performance teams, and strengths-based coaching. She is dedicated to social innovation in Canada, women in STEAM, and a thriving, Canadian economy.

Interactive session: Talent pathways

Halifax Convention Centre

As we begin to place a greater emphasis on innovation for our future economy, it is imperative that the systems in place to nurture, train and grow the next generation of leaders, are assessed and updated accordingly. Educational institutions – from kindergarten to post-secondary – lay the framework for how young minds perceive the world […]

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