Sally Ng

Sally Ng

New Ventures Director - Client Delivery, Highline Beta

Over the past decade Sally has worked with charities, not-for-profits and corporations of all sizes. Over the past 3 years, she ran her own innovation consulting firm called The Triple Effect and worked with clients from Trinidad to PEI and many places in between. Sally  is well known in the Atlantic entrepreneurial community having started multiple entrepreneurship centers such as Planet Hatch in Fredericton and Startup Zone in PEI.
Recently, she took the plunge and moved to Toronto to join Highline Beta, Venture Capital firm focused on Corporate Innovation and Co-creation working with multiple fortune 500 companies and startups.
Sally has had a number of unique opportunities such as representing Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit 2017 in Berlin and joined the Canada C3 Expedition on Leg 10 across the North West Passage. She is also actively involved as a Board member of Community Foundations of Canada, a charity with 191 local community foundations with more than $6 billion in assets. Sally is also actively involved Techstars Startup Weekend Global Facilitator and a Lieutenant within the Canadian Forces Reserves working with the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program. Sally is also an avid traveller having been to 37 countries.

Panel: Corporate innovation for adapting industries

Halifax Convention Centre

Our region’s traditional industries have historically driven economic activity and job creation in rural and urban communities. However, in today’s globally connected and increasingly competitive marketplace, these industries are facing new challenges that, in some cases, threaten their sustainability. As Atlantic Canada continues to grow, being receptive to change, adapting new methodologies, and driving innovation […]

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