Scott Mabury

Scott Mabury

Vice President University Operations, University of Toronto

Professor Mabury holds a PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry from the University of California, Davis. He first joined the University of Toronto as a faculty member in 1995 and became Director of the Analytical Laboratory for Environmental Science Research and Teaching in 1997. Professor Mabury served as Associate Chair Undergraduate for one year and then Chair of the Department of Chemistry from 2003 until he was appointed to the position of Vice-Provost, Academic Operations on July 1, 2009.

Professor Mabury was appointed as VP-University Operations  January 1, 2012. Portfolios reporting to him include Information Technology Services, Facilities and Services, Ancillary Services, Office of Planning and Budget, University Planning Design & Construction encompassing Campus and Facilities Planning, Project Development, Project Management, Design & Engineering, Leasing and Academic + Campus Events.

His current research interests are in the areas of environmental photochemistry, fluorochemicals and atmospheric particles. He has written extensively on the environmental fate, disposition and persistence of agrochemicals, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  Mabury and his students have published over 180 scientific papers in refereed journals and has presented his research at conferences, workshops and seminars all over the world.

He was ranked as one of the world’s most highly-cited researchers.  He joined the list of 3,000 researchers who earned this distinction in 2014. This ranks him in the top 1% of scientists as evidenced by the number of times his papers and research have been cited.

Professor Mabury spends weekends on his Northumberland Country Farm growing soybeans, wheat, corn and this year, canola.

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